Teenagers these days... GRRRRR....

So i go to Disneyland with DA, my cousin, and another friend on Saturday, for free because Jessy works there. We went to California Adventures first because it closes earlier than Disneyland. When we got in the park, the park was full of teenagers from high school and middle school. There was a cheer leading competition and the others were probably there for a workshop. All the teens/tweens being there i don't mind, even listening to their loud conversations (annoying as some of it as it were) i was a bit annoyed by but could still stand, i mean we are all trying to have a good time so it's ok. What i DO mind is being pushed, stepped on, and/or bumped into.

While waiting in line for California Screamin' with Nancy and Jessy (DA was getting her turkey), Jessy was in front of Nancy and i, so she was not a victim to the abuse of these incompetent, no manners, loud group of high schoolers.  Nancy was pushed on a couple of times but since i noticed this i sort of put myself behind our group so Nancy would not be pushed/stepped on/bumped into. I had all those done to me and at NONE of those times was i apologized to. ok, may be once was it was acknoIedged but the stupid, cumsy FOOL did NOT apologize or say excuse me. I don't mind if it was an accident and they say "excuse me or pardon me or sorry", at LEAST acknowledge that they didn't mean to do what they did and/or that it was wrong. If it was once or twice that they bumped/stepped on/pushed me without apologizing then i'm ok with it. So finally, after being abused over 10 times and complaining LOUDLYabout this abuse and not being compensated for (apparently, my voicing out what i thought didn't help because they were in their own little world) i got tired and promised that the next guy/girl who DARED to get in my "bubble space" and abuse me was going to get it.

white tall boy #1 stepped on my shoe, i turn around and he looks at me and doesn't say anything and just glances and me and was about to turn around until i said to him
me: can you give me some room? you bumped into me like 5 times already
him: ok
me: you don't see me bumping into you, so don't bump into me
him: ok, i won't bump into you
while i was having this convo with him like 2 of his other friends heard but the other 7 were chatting to their friends which were ahead of us in the fast past line and didn't hear.

After the convo with white boy #1 i was talking loudly with jessy and nancy.
me: they better watch out.
jessy: calm down, anny
nancy: i've never seen you this angry. (she was enjoying my angry side)
jessy: you haven't seen her at what happened at the party when something almost happened to Cinda.
me: oh yea, i was WAY pissed and emotional.
nancy: i want to see you at that state, but i wouldn't want to be on the receiving end.

not 2 mins passed by before boy #2 bumped into me with his back pack and didn't apologize for.
me: hey, you and your friends bumped into me like ten times already. so can you give me some space? you don't see me bumping into you, so don't bump into me.
boy #2: ok.
this time their whole group heard and saw.

so after talking to boy #2 i turn around and talked to my peeps.
me: i don't mind if they bump into me and say sorry but NONE of them have. you don't see me bumping into them, so they better give me my space before something happens.
nancy: teens these days don't have any manners.
me: yea, i was taught better. when i bump into other ppls at least i apologize. so if they want to start something they better watch out.
jessy: calm down, anny. this is supposed to be fun, so don't let them ruin it.
me: i'm not i'll be happy after they stop
i was getting really pissed off at them that apparently i was voicing it loud enough for them to FINALLY get the point and they backed off a bit, leaving enough space for another small group between my group and their group.

not 10 min later did one of their girl friends bump into me, she was talking to her friends and walking backwards and bumped into me. i didn't say anything to them but glared at the group and said to my group
me: she bumped into me. they seriously need to stop.
jessy: let it go, i don't want to get in trouble and get kicked out.
me: if anything they'll get kicked out because they bumped into ME not the other way around and i did warn them.

3 mins go by and the same girl, still walking backwards, was about to bump into me. since this time i saw it, i was ready for it. she was walking backwards and about to bump into me and her friend said "watch out" and tried to pull her to their side but to no avail because she almost bumped into me and i pushed her. then she turned around and i said:
me: you better watch it. you bumped into before and i didn't say anything. so if you bump into me again you better f*cking watch your back.
then i turned around and told my group:
me: if they want to start something, they can f*cking bring it. i ain't afraid. if they want to start something then i'll finish it.
jessy: calm down, i don't want to get in trouble because my name is on your ticket. (when employees give tickets to their friends it says their name on all the tickets)
me: if anything i'll just say that i don't have it or threw it away.
nancy: dang anny, i trust you to watch my back and i trust you with my life. if anything were to happen to me, i know you have my back.
jessy: i trust you with my life. at least you're not as pissed off as you were at the party with Cinda.
me: hmm... my lips are twitching right now. but usually after one of those kinds of events i get emotional and start getting tearry.
jessy: yea, you had to go out for air and alone time.
me: they better stop bumping into all of us or they're going to start something.
jessy: they didn't bump into me or at least i don't remember.
me: yes, they did, once. but after that you stood in front of the line so they bumped into me and nancy more.
jessy: then i'll stand in the back of the line.
nancy: yea, you stand in front of us and we'll stand in the back so they won't bump into you.
me: oh yea, and them bumping into you guys are going to make me ok with it? it's only going to make me more pissed
jessy: ok. not a good idea. fine.
nancy: just stand in the middle then, i'll watch out. i can take care of myself.
so, nancy ends up taking the back of the line for the next 10 mins before i moved to the back again to watch out. whenever, the line was moving and i glanced back, they watched out and gave me some space.

after the ride:
nancy and jessy: that was a fun ride
me: i liked that ride it was really fun. other than that group of high schoolers, this ride was really fun
nancy: they really backed off when you said something.
me: yea, they finally gave me some room but they never apologized at all. not ONE of them.
nancy: but they were scared of you and gave you a LOT of room.

after this event we went to go find a big stuffed Stitch and Eeyore, but we couldn't find any that we were happy with. Then we went to go get DA's car from a parking lot near a liquor store and reparked both the vehicles and went into disneyland. we rode space mountain and Indiana Jones. we waited like 70 min space mountain and less than 35 min for indian jones. then we had to go home because the park was closing. we tried to look for our stuffed characters but they were the same as the other store. Jessy and Nancy left to go home. DA and I made key chains with our names and put cute disigns on it. All in all, i enjoyed my time at Disney, not including that even at CA Screamin'.  i didn't let those kids ruin my fun time. i'm suprised that the other ghetto side of me did not come out and i didn't call those kids names, when i was there anyway.
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My Health

ok. so i have been on this diet pill, that my mom gave me, since the January 19th and i've lost like 7 or 8 pounds. i believe that some of the weight i have lost was also because i have been eating less and taking a tennis class. Albeit, it's only like 3 hours and a half a week, and for 2 weeks i missed out on 4 hours of tennis (because of the weather and the teacher wasn't there), i believed it helped me lose some fat and gained a bit of muscle. I noticed the difference of what i looked before and now: my face isn't as wide, my thighs are a bit skinnier, my jeans are getting loose, my upper arms a bit smaller and i'm losing a bit of my muffin tops. the only downside to this is that i think my chest is slightly smaller. sigh* it's usually the first to go, dang it.

So today DA picked me up to go to school. We stopped by my parent's donut shop for drinks. Both of us, in our tennis clothes, went inside the DS to get our drinks and when my mom looks at what i'm wearing and looks at my legs she commented that i look like i lost 15 pounds. I'm thinking, "dang was i really that chunky looking? and 8 pounds does that much difference?" I do feel better about myself. i think i will start that master cleanse diet after i get better from being sick.

this is a little off topic. if anyone were to ever meet my mum, i would advise you not to mention any health problems you are having with my mum, unless you want her help. cough cough* DA, now you have experienced this occasion of where she pulls out her herbal stuff and vitamins. Just be happy that what you experienced is a lighter version of what Sokkim experience. oh yea, and apparently you're special enough for her to introduce you to her berry smoothie. last time i introduced another friend and her bf to the drink, my mum got pissed at me.
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Chinese New Year

So we celebrate Chinese New Year at my grandma's house with LOTS of DELICIOUS food, which included: shark fin soup, curry, noodles, sandwichs, eggrolls, a big fruit tart/cake, and many other foods. I got to see almost all my 1st cousins and their children (if they have any) i loved playing with my cute little baby cousins and my nieces (or at least trying to play with my nieces, Samantha wouldn't play with me but Natalie LOVES playing with me) and socializing with my aunts and uncles. Not only do we get delicious food but we also get these red envelopes filled with money. This year i have amassed $113 from my immediate family on my mother's side. It's not as much as last year but i'm still happy, and i understand since businesses have been slow. Now all i have to do is wait for more red envelopes to come in from my dad's side of the family and my mom's cousins. I'm happy that i'm Chinese and i'm greatful for having such a large family.
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Big Bear Trip

 Friday- went snowboarding at Bear Mountain. i got to try new slopes, more advanced than the bunny slopes. Unfortunately i was mostly leafing my way down the hills. lol. but i had fun. the cabin/lodge was very nice, comfortable, and cozy. it had 4 bedrooms (2 bedrooms had it's own tvs, another had it's own bathroom, and the other one had a twin sized bed plus a full size bed. All of the rooms were nicely decorated, of course), 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a patio. i got to share a room with a tall cute guy, he took the twin sized bed and gave me the full sized one, which was nice of him. 

Saturday- i made breakfast- fried rice with eggs and shredded chicken. it was super hard because i only had a pan and not a big wok to cook for 12 people to eat, so i ended up making 2 big pans of fried rice. While trying to mix the fried rice together, i asked a friend to help me do something and she ended up mixing the rest of the fried rice that i made and i ended up washing dishes. Mary also made bagel with cream cheese with ham (which was ehhh...). later we went out to have a snowball fight. we split into 2 teams and my team lost. then later we tried to make a trail to make a smooth slide for a sled, which we "borrowed" from a neighbor. it was a lot of fun, even if we did hit hard ice and hurt ourselves. we made a ramp to slide over and only a handfull of us made it. for lunch we had to go to vons to get extra stuff for lunch and snacks for later. our budget was $15 (which mary made, she is the cook) for cheetos (hot ones and regular ones), 2 orange juices, 2 cranberry cocktails, alfredo sauce, ice, 2 gallons of water, wood, and stuff for smores. Obviously, $15 would not be enough, especially at vons, the total came up to $95, of course there were other stuff added like mushrooms, an onion, salandra, skewers, small cups, and cookie dough. after philip, arthur, kelvin, tara, james, and i finished shopping we decided to rent movies from blockbusters. we rented Bank Job and the Eye, of course i didn't really have much of a say bc all the guys wanted to watch a horror movie and i wanted comedy. when we got back to the cabin everyone was ready to eat. we had spaghetti, rice, tofu with pork and this sauce, broccoli, and pork. after eating we watched bank job, which was an ok movie. after the movie we played flip the cup. then we played other card games. there was even a poker tournament where the winner gets $35. while they were playing i "helped" cook. then i went to talk to cinda, daisy, and phil for about an hour and then i showered. after i finished showering they were STILL playing, it was like 2 hours and then we ate filet mignon (which i brought from home), broccoli, pork, and the tofu thingy. then we watched the eye, which was kinda scary. i was standing near the fire and didn't know they were starting the movie, so i turned around and heard a loud sound and saw something scary pop up on the tv i dived on to the ground to where my friends were. it was hilarious. about less than 25% of the time i was hiding under the blanket to skip scary parts. Kelvin was sitting right next to me and tried to scary me by making creepy sudden noises and shaking me out of nowhere and making a loud sound. after the movie, i got scared to go down stairs by myself so i had cinda go with me. Cinda ended up sleeping with me and kelvin bc she was angry with Kevin (she was sharing a room with kevin and mary). I owed Kelvin a massage so we ended up having a chain of massages, me giving a massage to kelvin and kelvin giving one to cinda and then cinda and i switched places. later, we ended up chatting till 3 a.m. when we had to wake up at 7. because arthur had to leave for work. 

All in all this trip was worth the $110 i put in plus more. the sore body was worth the fun.
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2nd snowboarding trip

Originally we were supposed to have 8 people go, but 2 people had to go do something school related and the other person couldn't go because she couldn't find anyone to take her shift for her. So we had a perfect fit in Jessy's truck. Arthur (driving), Christian (front passenger seat), Allen, Jessy, and I we were in the back seat. we stuck everything in the bed of Jessy's truck. We left at around 6ish, but we didn't get there until 11:30. the reason why the drive was so long is because 1. the black ice on the roads, 2. we had to use chains, 3. we had problems with the chains and kept stopping to fix it (it kept on hitting the mud flap on the truck until the mud flap broke off), and 4. we had to drive slow because there was traffic, to fix the chains, and we pulled to the side often because we were driving slower than average. During the whole trip Allen, Arthur, and Christian were bagging on each other. When we got to Snow Summit, we had to park far away on Brownie Rd because they ran out of parking, so we had to take a truck that took us there. it felt like we were barn animals being shipped to somewhere. 

This time i did not fall so much. we went on the bunny slopes first. there was not as many people as last week because they took the snowboarding and Ski students off to the side to teach them stuff. so was was having fun. later, we went on the intermediate slope, which had WAY less congestion of people so i fell less than i did when i was on the bunny slopes. it was soooo much fun going down the slope really fast, but i got scared i might hit someone or was going to fast to break and fall on my face so i would try to break (i would end up falling really hard either way, hehe...). i once landed on my head, which people from above could hear and i hear some people saying "ouch" or "tssss, that's gotta hurt", which i did. Arthur heard it from the ski lift and came down to check up on me and asked if i wanted to go home, to which i replied "no, why?". he replied, "oh, because i thought you were going to go cry babyish/girly on me."  geez... anyway, i mastured getting off the ski lift and fixed my "leafing", my turns, and my breaking just a bit. but if course i still need to improve on it a LOT. 

We left at around 3ish because Christian was supposed to be at work by 5:30. we ended up getting stuck in traffic. Unfortunately on our way out of Big Bear, a truck had "jack knifed", i think it meant that it turned over, so we had to turn around. While going down, there were a lot of people asking us what happend and we told them that they might as well turn around and go to the other highway, to which they replied was closed down also. Many people asked us what had happened and Arthur kept giving them different explanations: a truck jack knifed or there was an accident or a truck turned over (he doesn't know what jack knifed means either). We thought may be we should make up fake explanations. such as, a lady was pregnant and had to give birth or we just came back because we had to use the #2 or #1, etc... we had to ask another person for directions to another route home and found out that it's about an hour to an hour and a half detour to the 15. About a more than half way down the mountain, we took off the chains, which was really hard since it was dark and we paid someone to put the chains on for us because we didn't know how to do it ourselves. we had to ask someone to help us and another couple was kind enought to stay and use their headlights to help us see. And again the guys were making fun of each others the whole way home. We got home at about 8ish and we were all exhausted and hungry. we only had chips and candy for snacks. after the 8 hour ride and 3 hour play time, Jessy and I believe it was worth it.
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Phone Bill

So, I received my cell phone bill today, which was in a big envelope (sort of like the manilla evelope big). At first, i thought it was my bill with some advertisements in there, but apparently not. There was 50 pages, front and back, full of the total of my bill and incoming and outgoing text messages. Usually, when i get my bill it says the incoming and outgoing calls PLUS the txt messages, but not this time. It's ALL text and the summary of the bill. I had found out that my half of the bill is 20 pages, INCLUDING the total of both our bills combined. The other 30 pages mostly consisted of my sisters txt messages. Our whole total of txt messages is 5,013. My txt messages is only 754, where as my sister's is 4,259. When i first saw the number of how many txts she received and sent i was shocked and was happy that i have upgraded to unlimited texting. Other wise... $481.30 would be added to my bill.


Arthur and Jessy had warned me that the next morning i'll be in excruciating pain. I thought i had felt it at the end of the day, but when i woke up this morning...

When i woke up at around 12ish i woke up to my neck hurting when i turned. Then when i started to stretch... OMFG!!!! i'm hurting like i went through a BIG work out, a work out where you over do your whole body.  My thighs hurt, the back of my arms hurt (i forgot to mention that Arthur had hit the back of my arms with his board accidently, when we both got off the ski lift), my shoulders hurt (i think i landed on them a couple of times, while tumbling), my abs hurt (i have no idea why, may be it's because when i try to stand up with the board the regular way, i'm actually working it out), and my tail bone hurts(sleeping on a bruised tail bone doesn't help it). My arms hurt sooo much that the pain in my wrist is a slight pain that can be ignored.

Even though i'm in this pain from SB, i would still do it again. oh yea, D.A. your turn is next!!! bwahahahaha...

1st experience with snowboarding

Arthur, my cousin, told me to be ready by 5-5:30 a.m. and that i don't have to worry about the board because he borrowed his friend's snowboard for me. So i woke up at 5 and was done getting ready by 5:15. What i wore: tights, jeans,  snowboarding pants, tank top, thick hoodie shirt/jacket, a thick faux fur jacket, regular socks, and tennis shoes. By 5:30 Arthur hasn't called or showed up at my place, so i called him 3x because he didn't pick up. Then i waited until almost to call him again, and his arse STILL didn't pick up. By 6:30ish he called me and told me that he slept late and he'd be at my place in 10 min, which really was more like 20 min. Jessy, his younger sister, who was supposed to go too but couldn't because she had a fever, so i was sad about that. She even offered to make us breakfast and lunch, which of course we dennied and was REALLY sweet of her. oh yea, my excuse to my parents was that i was working for the catering company and had a double shift, so i could go.

When Arthur picked me up, we went to McD's for iced coffee and egg mcmuffins. Then, we went to Christian, Arthur's friend's house, to pick him up. But we stopped by another McD's for a coffee for Arthur and another iced coffee for me because he forgot to get his coffee earlier and my first iced coffee was TERRIBLE. Then we went to Christian's house and it took him 20-30 min to get ready. Then we went to 7 Eleven for Christian's breakfast and Arthur's Dayquil and Halls (he has a cold). So we left Long Beach around 8ish.

On the way up to the mountain i started feeling nauseated and sick, to the point where i wanted to vomit, because of the altitude and the winding roads. But once i got to Snow Summit and changed into my gear-which i basically added on another jacket, a cap, gloves, a scarf, sunglasses, another layer of socks (marino wool, which is thicker), and i switched to snowboarding boots- i had felt better. With all those layers on, i felt BIG. Oh yes, thanks to Christian who also helped me fix my scarf and help me zip my jacket often because i had stupid thick gloves on and could do it myself.

BUNNY SLOPES!!!! Here i come!!!! lol. My first experience of:
~Putting on the Board- i didn't know how, so Arthur helped me, but after a while i got the hang of it.
~Ski Lift- it was interesting. Christian, Arthur and I sat on one Ski Lift. While getting on Christian sat on my arm, and he's not a skinny or light weight guy. Getting off the lift was not fun, we all slid out at once but since the board was hooked on to only one foot we all stumbled into each other and had to get out of the way for the other people to get off.
~Standing up with the board- is really hard when facing down the slope. so Christian and i had flip over on our stomache to get up.
~Breaking- the first time i fell on my tail bone. The second time i fell i caught myself with my wrists, i thought i was doing the smart thing because my bottom felt the pain the first time, but it's worse then falling on my toosh. Here are the differents ways i found how to break: fall on my arse/tail bone, wrists, or knee. All of which are in a LOT pain now. Oh yes, while "breaking" once in a while i would do a 180 flip while on the ground.
~Snowboarding- in the beggining, i can't go 10 feet without falling. Now, i can and i can balance better. But i have to work on breaking and turning.
~Getting iced- falling with ice going through your clothes is NOT fun. Ice was EVERYWHERE. Down my hoodies, my gloves, my pants, even in the pockets of my jacket.
~Having my cousin ditch me- all right, he didn't exactly ditch me, but half the time when he was off doing whatever i made new friends and learned how to snowboard from them or helped them or watch the lessons that other people were taking. Arthur actually lost sight of me, but when he found me he had to take off his board to help me, which is really nice of him.

On break, i bought a bread bowl with clam chowder (it was like $8.25), Christian and Arthur bought drinks. Arthur had helped me eat my lunch because it was big. Then back to SBing. We left for home around 4ish. I started feeling nauseated again so i decided to take a nap. I woke up feeling sick, cold, wet, and with a crick in the neck. At around almost 6 we stopped by Jack'n' the Box. I couldn't eat anything because i was feeling sick. So when the guys were eating i had to open the window once in a while or breath through my jacket because the smell of food was making want to vomit. Arthur gave me a Halls and after i ate it i felt way better and took another nap. Once i woke up we were at Christian's place and i felt way better.

All-in-all it was fun experience and i can't wait for the 19th, another snowboarding day planned. and i'll have to deal with my "battle scars" and hope i heal by the 19th. Things i need to get before then: new gloves, SB goggles, and long thermals.

1st journal entry

I made this LJ in class because i was bored and felt like writing things down, but by the time i thought of a user name for this and finished writing down things for the bio and interest section my class had already finished. hehe.

Now that i am done with class i guess i will talk about my day today:
-I woke up late today (about 12ish) and got ready for school.
-on the bus i saw a really cute white dude. ok, he wasn't that cute but he had a really light cute English accent. sigh* i love the English accents. anyway, i didn't flirt with him because i wasn't in the mood to.
-afterwards i got off the bus i went to see Darlene play tennis with John, but as i was walking in to the tennis courts they were walking out.
-Darlene and i went to eat at some sushi place near the school (i forgot the title of the place).
-then, when we were done eating she dropped me off class. i found out in class that i did horrible on my test. sigh* i thought i did ok on it. i think i must've jinxed myself. the whole time in class i was on the laptop because i was bored. but i did take some notes.
-something funny that happened in class today: while in class my classmate John, who is in like 3 of my other classes, was hungry so Corrie, my classmate and friend from LBCC,  gave him a Chewy. John got thirsty so he got up and stretched and did a little dance while stretching, which was funny if anyone else had seen it. while he was gone i ate my own nuts and fruit Trail Mix bar. when i was on the last piece of it John came in and saw me stick it in my mouth, his mouth dropped in surprise because he thought i had eaten his Chewy.
-after class, i went with Darlene to Lakewood mall to exchange her AE jeans and ended up getting 2 pairs for $30 because it's buy one and get the other half off. and Darlene ended up getting some jeans for Nat. while at AE i saw Leang (a classmate from LBCC and CSULB) and Sangpi (a HS friend).
-later, i felt like highlighting my hair, so we went to Supercuts, also at Lakewood Mall. i got reddish-brown highlights, which took 2 hours to do and it turned out very nice.
-Darlene and i were hungry, so we went to "I Love Sushi", which is our favorite sushi place to go to. Nat met us up there.
-after sushi Darlene wanted some yogurt and Nat wanted some calamari balls, so we went to the Yogurtland and Cha For Tea near CSULB.
-at 11ish, Darlene took me home.
that sums up my day...

oh yes, i'm annoyed with everything Jay Chou being delayed. His new album was delayed TWICE already. last year's concert was delayed, at his autograph session he started late, his products that people bought for the concert were also delayed and not only was it delayed but the people had to pick up their items in San Gabriel. sigh* k. now that i got that off.... oOo i love Jay Chou. well, his voice anyway.